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I recently bought a 2010 Elantra through Simmons and Rockwell and to receive an additional rebate( so I was told and it woudl make it the price shown on the windshield!) I needed to go through their financing.I was asked if I wanted to go with a bi-weekly plan to reduce the interest.

I was NOT told that it included a $399!!!! (yes three hundred and ninety nine dollars!) service charge, cancellation fee and mothly debit fee. This was totally misleading and ethically wrong.

I will neve buy a car through them again- what else didn't they tell me????I am reporting this to Better Business.

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We bought a car there. The Salesman was great, straight forward and all his details were correct.

When it came to financing I said I was planning on going with my credit union, but would listen to what their fiance guy had to say. Everytime he gave me numbers they just didn't add up right, and when I asked to see the finance offer in writing ahead of time, he said he couldn't do it until I was ready to sign.

This didn't set right with me, and I decided to go with my credit union financing. Actually the final offer from the finance guy was better than my CU, but the fact that he would not let me read the contract ahead of time and that his numbers never came out right when I calculated what he said vs. what I thought they should be, just did not sit right. By the way, my calculations of the total price from the salesmand and me were off by only a penny, and between me and my CU was less that $1.

I know the finance guy's job is to make money, but it is not going to be at my expense.


Irritated Sales Consultant...

You, my friend, are a (R WORD HERE)

thank you :p


Yes business is there to make money, but not by ripping people off. Anything within a contract that has to do with pricing should be in bold plain simple English, not tucked away in fine print buried within the contract.


We went with our own financing.When I insisted on not using theirs the salesman simply never sent the contract to our bank.

We call and he doesn't answer. I called the dealership and got nowhere either.

We have decided to shop elsewhere.They have horrible customer service.


I'm going there this week,I have my own financing,lets see if I can get a good deal


It is your responsibility to read contracts before you sign them, if you misunderstood what you read, you ask questions.I'm sure they would have been answered.

MORE LIKELY: You the consumer, are to blame; You blindly signed a contract without reading it.

You should be mad at yourself for being so trusting, of a business.Business are there to make money.

to Irritated Sales ***sultant. Bath, New York, United States #645796

I bought a new dodge last year at their Bath NY lot.While there is a fee associated with the bi monthly debit option you pay off the vehicle several months in advance.

In my case I actually save 2400$ in the long run.

The fee is charged by the third party company that takes the debit payments to send to the financer/bank.I quickly looked over the contract and had the dealer fanancial person go over this and the lifetime warranty a few times.

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